21st Century Appraisal Practices

We take pride in staying ahead of the curve. Our philosophy is that the only way to provide the highest quality appraisal services to our clients is by taking advantage of the latest technology and information resources.


While you’d be hard-pressed to find any appraisers still writing reports on a typewriter, many appraisers nonetheless fail to fully leverage modern technological advances in their appraisal practices. At Westrock, we proactively pursue every opportunity to enhance our appraisal capabilities via cutting-edge technology. A fully digital workflow allows us to produce highly accurate and polished reports faster than ever before. We have also adopted the latest in mobile computing technology, allowing us to seamlessly integrate our field and office operations. In conjunction with a collaborative work process, this further enhances our ability to deliver results quickly.

Furthermore, we have developed proprietary commercial appraisal software that streamlines the appraisal process from collection and validation of data, to analysis and determination of value conclusions, to production of the finished reports. This software, exclusive to Westrock, gives us an “invaluable” edge. Our clients are routinely impressed by our ability to deliver credible and compelling appraisal reports with industry-leading turnaround times and competitive fees.


At Westrock, we believe that open lines of communication are key to providing our clients with the top-notch service they deserve. To this end, we offer our clients numerous ways to contact us, including via phone, email, fax, our website, and even text messaging. All inquiries and requests are addressed in a timely fashion. We take pride in keeping our clients fully informed and “in the loop” throughout the appraisal process.


In today’s Information Age, appraisers have access to an unprecedented – and occasionally overwhelming – array of data resources. At Westrock, we avail ourselves of a wide range of data resources, ensuring that our appraisals are based on the most current and accurate information. We regularly consider new information sources and incorporate them into our practice as deemed appropriate. In addition, we continually examine our existing data sources to ensure that they maintain the high degree of quality and reliability necessary to produce credible valuations.