The Science Behind the Expedited Appraisal

At Westrock, we specialize in expedited appraisal assignments. We routinely complete appraisals in a fraction of the time that our competitors take. And we do this while continuing to offer our clients competitive fees that won’t break the bank. All appraisers strive to work quickly and efficiently, but we know it takes more than that to consistently outperform the competition. What is our secret? The answer is that we take a multi-pronged approach to achieving the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

First, we embrace an integrative team-based workflow, with multiple staff members involved in an assignment at any given time. This collaborative approach allows us to keep jobs moving forward with great efficiency, and can cut the overall time from start to finish by 50% or more. A side benefit of this system is that the synergy among our appraisal staff increases the accuracy and consistency of our valuations.

Second, we employ the latest mobile computing technology to ensure that our appraisers are fully connected no matter where they are. This minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency. Inspection photos and information can be to be transmitted to the home office immediately, allowing our production staff to incorporate these materials into the appraisal report even before the appraiser gets back to the office.

Third, rather than working within the bounds of the traditional “9 to 5” (or 6), Westrock utilizes a flexible worktime policy that allows our staff members to tailor their work schedules optimally based on workflow. This ensures that reports are delivered in advance of deadlines even when there are many jobs in the pipelines. During times of high demand, we routinely work evenings and even weekends to complete assignments in a timely fashion.

Fourth, we have developed proprietary appraisal software that drastically speeds up the appraisal process from initial data input through production of the final report document. In addition to expediting the appraisal, this system ensures consistency and minimizes errors. This software is our “secret weapon” and allows us to provide our customers with superior service at cost-effective prices. Our edge is your advantage.