Due to the wide diversity of assignments we perform, it is not possible to provide standard set fees for our services. In general, the fee for any particular appraisal assignment is based on multiple factors including:

  • Property type
  • Size and complexity of property
  • Property location and travel distance involved
  • Ease of obtaining data in the relevant market area
  • Scope of work
  • Reporting format
  • Turnaround time

For example, an appraisal of a six-unit apartment building located in Brooklyn with a summary narrative report format, two valuation approaches, and a three-week turnaround requirement would probably tend towards the lower end of our pricing scale.

At the other end of the spectrum, the valuation of a proposed 50-unit mixed-use development in Nassau County with three approaches, both “as-is” and “as-completed” value scenarios, and a ten-day turnaround time would certainly cost significantly more.

At Westrock, we take pride in offering industry-leading turnaround times at competitive prices. Please call us at 973-WESTROCK (973 937 8762) and we will be glad to discuss your particular valuation needs and provide you with a fee quote.